Piano Sonata ("Kurfürstensonate"), WoO 47 No. 1

Usually called "Kurfürsten" due to their dedication to Prince-Elector Maximilian Friedrich, the three Piano Sonatas WoO 47 are the only complete works of this genre from the Bonn years (sketches for other possible piano sonatas, apparently abandoned, are preserved). Beethoven probably composed them in the spring and summer of 1783, but no sketches or autograph scores survive. The publisher's announcement appeared in Cramer's Magazin der Musik on 14 October of the same year.

Form Sonata
Scoring pf
Key E-flat major
Movements Allegro cantabile (4/4)Andante (Bb, 2/4)Rondo vivace (6/8)
Catalogue WoO 47 No. 1
Composition c. 1783
Dedicatee Maximilian Friedrich Kurfürst (Prince-Elector) von Köln
Publication 1783